Droog- Heart of Design

It is expected to find great things in great places in greatest cities of the world- that’s how I think of Amsterdam. Though I only visited it once (this May to be exact) and it was indeed sunny all the time, so I know only good sides of the city, still I would love it even in rain, I imagine. In the heart of Amsterdam, there is brand new object of many names and many activities, but sadly I didn’t know about it back in May, so I’m saving it for another visit.

Droog is company based in Amsterdam, which is pioneering new directions for design since 1993. Their headquarters are placed into recently opened Hotel Droog- hospitality experience that has turned the hotel concept upside down. It is the destination for drink, a bite to eat, exclusive shopping, exhibitions, beauty advice, a stroll in the garden, and even a bed for the night- 700 meters of creativity. Their wide range of activities are establising new relationships between brands and the public, they bring that different energy that design today needs.

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