Handmade Papergoods: Balthazar

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It is a story about elderly professor with recognizable long white beard (no, it is not Santa!) which gets stroked every time Balthazar is trying to come up with new solution and walks up and down his lab. He’s so lovable, because of his silly walk and silly high hat and great passion for helping people (or animals or aliens or anything that walks into trouble). Problem occurs and professor goes into his lab and starts the magic machine, which provides some colourful drop that saves the world in the end. I also love the whole scene of small town with steep roofs and church bells and people, who seems to know each other.

This cartoon is so old I watched it as a kid and I really enjoyed it, because it was funny, nicely animated and it was kind of ours- Dexter’s Laboratory is way worse, sorry. When my boyfriend asked me to »please, please make him« a notebook for writing and sketching down the ideas, I almost immediately thought of Balthazar. He has a way that relates to my boyfriend, who is Chemistry student and too kind for this world and who thinks of all sorts of inventions. So I made him Balthazar themed scrapbook, which was drawn by hand and then processed into computer program and then put together- as usual- by hand, needle and twine. Now we just have to wait for the future to be written….

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my inspiration- cartoon…

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