Out With The Plastic Drawers

You would think my workspace corner is lonely through the Summer, that I have sent my mind to the beach to relax with coctails on the side, but it is just the opposite.… Continue reading


If I wouldn’t have the need to have two large working tables or writing desks- whatever you want to call it, it takes a lot of space in the apartment, but it is… Continue reading

Skirts Aren’t Bike Friendly

…so I made myself Summer pants from fabulous jersey fabric in my favourite bluish and greenish shades and wicked pattern. I fell in love with my new trousers (or maybe this is the… Continue reading

Bookshelf of May

mys Summer has finally open its doors, I’m really getting excited! No greater joy than having Sunday morning off, no alarm clock to wake you up annoyingly, no errands to run in the… Continue reading

Zochental…German for Sure

When you’ve seen so many architecture creations from all over the world, you develop the feeling, where this buildings belong. For example, when you run into white, strangely-shaped house with small windows- that… Continue reading

Pink Spaghetti in Architecture

Beuatiful Wednesday day, full of first summer heat and bright rays of Sun. Mornings before coffee seem so dreamy, don’t know what’s really going on, can’t catch the meaning behind the words. A… Continue reading

Music and Coffee and Rain

You know how I’m always whining about not having enough opportunities to take photos- just freely outside photographing people and breath-taking moments and places? Well, I had had perfect trip coming my way… Continue reading

Funny Up There

Living in a big city with sky poking buildings might get a bit claustrophobic from time to time, but French artist Thomas Lamadieu turned this into advantage by creating SkyArt series, which make… Continue reading

Bookshelf of April

I’m totally embarassed to admit that previous month wasn’t really fruitful as far as the reading goes. I had so many things packed into too short days and no time in the morning… Continue reading

Walk On The Wild Side

Print, one-coloured, mixing, surprise- perfect recipe for creating a new piece of clothing by my choice. You look in the front and you see this wild peacock print in subtle colours with a… Continue reading

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