Walk On The Wild Side

Print, one-coloured, mixing, surprise- perfect recipe for creating a new piece of clothing by my choice. You look in the front and you see this wild peacock print in subtle colours with a… Continue reading

It’s a Jungle Out There

This home in Kiev, scattered with eye-catching elements and vibrant key pieces, is not only functional and fun, but also adaptable to many different types of home. The place has feminine feel and… Continue reading

DIY: Your Junk on Display

First there were THE WALLPAPERS and then the bed and the lamp and everything was moving in the room, so there was left a small space beside the window to create a living room…or… Continue reading

Bookshelf of March

With the day getting longer and days warmer and sunnier, there is still quite enough time for reading in the morning with a cup of smoking hot coffee, but there is sadly less… Continue reading

Collect Recipes, Collect Pounds

The idea originally came from thinking of what to buy for mum’s birthday past year. I was eager to make something with a purpose and goal- to write down and collect recipes that… Continue reading

Real Life Version

Sure it is the best to read about big individual houses, each one of us dream of one, but it is also completely unrealistic to expect a dream come true for everybody. The… Continue reading

Dear Diary

I can clearly remeber my first diary. It was bigger than my hand, with flowers on the cover and colourful pages inside in pink, blue and green hues and strong scent, the kind… Continue reading

Bookshelf of February

O-ou, I just realized it’s been two weeks since my last post. Usually I’m not that lazy and I try to write at least one post a week, but my attention was on… Continue reading

Love Cushion

The day when love is celebrated and therefore exaggerated has come and gone in a flash, yet we didn’t manage to avoid the commercialized gifts and special offers in the cafes and restaurants.… Continue reading

Summer Home

Having spent numerous vacations on Lake Okanagan, the place itself and the peace and view it offers, soon became the most desirable location to build a family home here. To make their vision… Continue reading